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NANOVA™ Therapy System

About NANOVA™ Therapy System

An Advanced Wound Dressing, Enhanced with -125mmHg Negative Pressure


The NANOVA™ Therapy System helps to simplify the delivery of negative pressure therapy when treating small- to medium-sized, shallow-cavity wounds with small amounts of exudate.


The NANOVA™ Therapy System features:
Small, silent and discreet
Easy to apply and intuitive to use
Mechanically Powered Unit with 30-day Use Life


Patient-Friendly Features
Requires no batteries or power source and is small and lightweight enough to carry in your pocket.
Dressing locks in exudate to help minimise the risk of maceration of peri-wound skin.
Silicone wound contact layer is designed to be non-adherent to help minimise trauma to peri-wound skin upon removal.


Easy to Use for Clinicians
The NANOVA™ Therapy Unit is easy to apply and intuitive to use – no complex training required.
The NANOVA™ Dressing incorporates DERMATAC™ Drape with SENSASEAL™ Protective Seal Technology which enables easy repositioning or removal of the dressing – minimising trauma to peri- wound skin.
Disposable components with off-the- shelf availability.


Cost-effective for Single-Patient Use
A 30-day device use life, along with separate dressings, helps ensure that the NANOVA™ Therapy System is cost-effective.


How it works

An easy-to- use, absorbent wound dressing enhanced by -125mmHg negative pressure

The NANOVA™ Therapy System is indicated for patients who would benefit from wound management via the application of negative pressure, particularly as the device may promote wound healing through the removal of excess exudates and infectious material.
The NANOVA™ Therapy System is indicated for removal of small amounts of exudates from small chronic, acute, traumatic, subacute and dehisced wounds, partial thickness burns, ulcers (such as diabetic, venous or pressure), surgically closed incisions, flaps, and grafts.
The NANOVA™ Therapy System enhances an easy-to- use, absorbent dressing by combining it with negative pressure.

An absorbent wound contact layer
Silicone wound contact layer, designed to be non-adherent.
Absorbent layer that retains exudate, removing the need for a separate fluid reservoir.
Continues to absorb exudate even if negative pressure is lost.
Locks in exudate to help minimise risk of maceration of peri-wound skin.
Optional GRANUFOAM™ Dressing wound filler helps promote wound healing.

Providing an effective seal
DERMATAC™ Drape with SENSASEAL™ Protective Seal Technology – silicone-acrylic combination.
Provides an effective seal for negative pressure, yet enables easyrepositioning or removal, minimising trauma to the peri-wound skin.
Can be used in any orientation without affecting absorption of exudate or delivery of negative pressure.

Delivering consistent negative pressure
The NANOVA™ Therapy Unit needs no battery or power source, and is silent, lightweight and small enough to carry in a pocket.
The NANOVA™ Therapy Unit can be easily re-primed, to maintain pressure at any time
Delivers -125mmHg negative pressure wound therapy.
Intuitive to use – no complex training needed.


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