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Strattice™ Breast Reconstruction

About Strattice™ Breast Reconstruction

Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, an innovation in breast reconstruction.


Strattice™ TM is a reconstructive tissue matrix that supports tissue regeneration. It is derived from porcine dermis and undergoes a non-damaging proprietary process that removes cells that might elicit an antigenic response and significantly reduces the key component (1,3 alpha galactose epitope) believed to play a major role in the xenogeneic rejection response.

Strattice™ TM is recommended for use in soft-tissue repair including tissue expander/implant breast reconstruction.


Not all biologic tissue matrices perform the same. Soft-tissue repair materials that support regeneration may provide clinical benefit for breast reconstruction patients.


Optimizing aesthetic outcomes

Provide additional tissue for implant coverage where tissue has been aggressively resected.

Provide an additional layer of tissue to existing thin tissue that may help hide implant visibility.

Provide reinforcement for existing tissue creating a hammock that allows for a more elastic breast pocket.

StratticeTM TM allows the surgeon to anchor the matrix where desired, which helps to support and define the
inframmammary and lateral mammary folds.


Minimizing risk of some complications

Provide additional tissue reinforcement to support the tissue expander/implant.

Act as an “internal bra” which reinforces the skin flap; this reduces the pressure, which can help prevent thinning.

Anchor the inferior border of the pectoralis major muscle to chest wall which may prevent the muscle from retracting.

Eliminate the need to elevate the serratus muscle.